Chocolate wrapping: high demand for flexibility

Producers of chocolate have to manage change quickly ‒ all year round. From caramel to coconut, strawberry to sea salt – manufacturers are now offering anything and everything in order to satisfy evolving consumer appetites. …More

Revolution unfolded

Products from Pfeifer & Langen packed in the first Sealed Paper Packaging.

For several years packaging machine supplier Bosch and paper material manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs have worked hard on the first dust-tight packaging solution for dry food products. Therefore Bosch’s reliable vertical fill, form and seal VFFS technology was combined with sustainable packaging material. The result: the PME with ZAP-Module and Axello® ZAP paper. …More

The Osgood Story

Just over a year ago, Osgood Industries Inc. became part of Bosch Packaging Technology. Since then, the location in Oldsmar, Florida, has expanded the Liquid Food business unit. …More

Gently melting and fragile

Flexible Bosch packaging for Ulmer Schokoladen

Packaging chocolate in an attractive, as well as break- and melt-proof manner requires a sophisticated packaging solution. Ulmer Schokoladen, a family-owned company based in Wilhelmshaven, has been producing chocolate products for both retail and industrial manufacturing for more than 150 years.

System competence center@Weert

Bosch Packaging Technology, in-house show Weert

Bosch Packaging Technology has opened its system competence center in Weert, the Netherlands, to help food and non-food producers of all sizes in selecting their ideal complete packaging equipment configuration. …More

Award winning “toothpaste box”

Bosch Kliklok-Woodman for Big Heart Pet Brands

Big Heart Pet Brands, a pet food and treat company, invented the Milk-Bone Brushing Chew in 2014, a dog treat that “tastes like a treat and cleans like a toothbrush”. …More

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