Attracting new consumers with new pack style for coffee

Melitta's flexible packaging has a distinctive and erect structure that stands out on the supermarket shelf.

Melitta boosts sales in Brazil with full-corner sealed flexible packaging.

In the 1960’s, Melitta came to Brazil to commercialize coffee filters for ground coffee, a product that its female founder, Melitta Bentz, invented in 1908. Just over ten years later the company began to process the traditional vacuum-packed ground, roasted coffee contained in predominantly green cartons.

Behind this eye-catching and, at the time, innovative bag-in-box presentation, the brand wanted to achieve more than just a premium positioning. “Back then, vacuum was the only method to preserve the coffee’s flavor and aroma, however there was no way to deliver an attractive visual presentation without the use of the company’s distinct carton,” says Ricardo Delmont, product group manager at Melitta in Brazil.

Over the years, the Brazilian coffee market evolved and packaging technology made great advancements. “We found that many consumers choose coffee by the type of packaging and that there is a large group of people who prefer the flexible bag option,” explains Delmont. Since Brazilian consumers are used to the touch and feel of a flexible bag, Melitta wanted to explore this segment of the market. With this move, Melitta did not intend to replace the popular vacuum package, but rather aimed to offer consumers an alternative packaging solution.

Four Corner Seal VFFS Coffee Packaging

Four corner seal bag: four seals on the corners and one on the back panel, formed by the SVB 2515 QR VFFS vertical bagger.

In order to find a suitable machine supplier, the company reached out to its long-time partner Bosch Packaging Technology. “Melitta asked us to present a solution to package ground coffee in a flexible bag that would retain the aroma and flavor for a long period of time and that would also help the brand to differentiate on the supermarket shelves from other pillow-type bags,” recalls Fabio Pozzi, account manager at Bosch. “We suggested the full corner seal bag because this pack style allowed the package to maintain an erect structure and would also represent the traditional carton style,” says Pozzi.

By 2015, consumers in Rio de Janeiro began to find the brand’s coffee in an elegant flexible bag, formed by the vertical bagger Bosch SVB 2515 QR.

“Many consumers who had never tried Melitta before started to consume our brand because it was presented in a pack style they like,” recalls Delmont. “The testing period that we had set was one year, but soon we exceeded all our sales forecasts,” says the executive. Within eight months, a second Bosch SVB 2515 QR machine joined Melitta’s plant and the company expanded its business in other parts of the country as well.



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