Tradition meets automation

Bosch - Brandt

Brandt is using flexible robotic technology from Bosch to package its famous rusks:

The crispy, crunchy rusk brings back childhood memories and puts a smile on customers’ faces, both young and old. The company owes its success to the long-lasting trust it enjoys among its customers and its innovative approach to product development. One such development, which is currently very popular with consumers, but initially challenging from a packaging perspective, is the flavour coatings applied to some rusk types. The freshly baked rusk slices are randomly placed on the conveyor belt during production.

To pack the slices into paper trays, the company was looking for a highly versatile pick and place technology. The products needed to be oriented and positioned with accuracy and in straight lines, with quality checks to ensure that only products meeting the quality standards were packaged. Moreover, gentle handling was essential, particularly for rusks with irregular surfaces or a premium chocolate coating.

The company was therefore looking for a solution that could both increase production and increase flexibility. Brandt analyzed various solutions before opting for a Delfi feed placer, which features an integrated vision system and three high-performance Delta robots from Bosch Packaging Technology SA.


Bosch - Brandt


“It was Bosch’s expertise that won us over. The offer they put together was exceptionally detailed. We were confident that Bosch had asked the right questions, really addressed our product needs and come up with the most suitable solution for us,” explains Marco Geimer, plant manager of the Brandt plant in Ohrdruf, Germany, the man behind the decision to buy the machine.

The Delfi solution was a success from the very beginning as the rusk manufacturer was able to boost its output significantly. This increase can be attributed to both, a higher pick and place speed and lower rejection rate which results from a gentler product handling.


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