“Quality you can trust”

Saudi Arabia’s largest dairy manufacturer relies on Ampack high-speed filling machines while safeguarding product quality.


Almarai started its operation in the field of dairy production in 1977. With its base in Saudi Arabia, Almarai has now become the largest food and beverage manufacturer in the Middle East. With over 170.000 cows living on six farms, the dairy production exceeds one billion liters per year, making Almarai the region’s largest vertically integrated dairy company.

“Quality you can trust” is the slogan of Almarai. The brand enjoys strong loyalty among local consumers and is known for its high-quality and innovative products. Its famous set-style yogurt “Zabadi”, for example, has a characteristic thick texture and is excellent for enjoying plain or using in recipes. The rising market demand for Zabadi required higher production capacities. The company was looking for a filling solution that would increase production volume and efficiency while keeping product waste to a minimum. Furthermore, the new solution should be capable of filling sensitive products while ensuring a hygienic filling environment, maintaining both the product’s high quality and taste.

High-speed yogurt filling made easy

The biggest challenge when producing set yogurt is, that at the point of dosing the texture of the product is highly liquid (comparable to water). As a result, there is a higher risk for spilling of the liquid product during the filling process due to the fast movement of the cups in a high-speed production environment. The yogurt receives its typically thick texture during the incubation process, which follows after the filling and sealing of the yogurt cups.

Due to the good reputation and experience in the field of hygienic filling and sealing machines for the dairy industry, Ampack GmbH, part of Bosch Packaging Technology, was the chosen partner for the project. Almarai invested in three Ampack inline filling and sealing machines to fill its Zabadi yogurt into pre-made cups. All three machines are equipped with a double index motion system, reaching speeds of up to 38,000 cups per hour on each machine. The inline cup filling machines are equipped with a servo-driven vibration damping software from Bosch, allowing for a very precise and reliable movement of the cups, enabling higher output capacities while keeping product waste to a minimum.

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Next level efficiency
The packaging material and all sensitive machine areas are treated chemical-free during the production in order to ensure a high product quality. In addition, the product hopper and dosing-station are pressurized with sterile air to prevent product contamination. Furthermore, all three machines are designed according to the latest hygienic design standards, ensuring safe operation and hygienic production. An intuitive HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows ease of use and quick adjustments. In terms of efficiency, the inline cup fillers are equipped with an intermediate cleaning option that is supported by an automatic rinsing bar. By the touch of a button, the whole dosing system can then be cleaned automatically, while keeping the machine and its sensitive areas closed. This results in shorter cleaning times and leads to a significant increase in production efficiency.

Almarai appreciated the possibility to run extensive tests in Germany prior to the shipment of the machines to Saudi-Arabia. This way Almarai was confident that the right solution customized to their specific needs has been designed. Not just the pre-tests were promising, but the three high-speed filling machines were installed at due date. Almarai is ever since impressed by the performance and reliability of the Ampack machines from Bosch.


Eberhard Meinikheim
Sales Manager
+49 (8231) 6005 41

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