Have you heard of Bosch product protection valves?

Freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and fresh yeast dough deserve the best possible packaging. We help to preserve your products’ features so consumers can indulge in a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee or baked goods.

Our valves offer maximum protection, whether applied on the inside or the outside of the package. The inside valve is attached to the film using heat- or ultrasound sealing technology, while the external, adhesive variant is stuck to the film’s exterior. The two valves open and close reliably at low pressure.

Our robust inside valve consists of three injection-molded PE-components: the valve body and a clamping piece plus fluid and a membrane. Even a very slight over-pressure in the package causes the membrane to bulge. As the pressure increases, the membrane and the clamping piece rise releasing excess gas carefully. Once the pressure is balanced the valve closes again – reliably and effectively.



Please visit our website for more information: Bosch Product Protection Valves

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