Premium chocolate – a carefully wrapped indulgence

premium chocolate packaging


Chocolate is more than just a quick snack on the go. Chocolate is indulgence in its purest form. Consumers seek high end quality products to savor, enjoy and even celebrate.

Their brand awareness is not oSigpack DSNnly piqued by the chocolate itself, but also by its packaging. A beautifully wrapped bar of chocolate sets high expectations for the product within, and unwrapping becomes part of the indulgent experience.

The market for premium chocolate products is expected to grow around 7% per year until 2022 (according to a Technavio study on the Global Premium Chocolate Market). A number of factors contribute to this growth, but, put simply, it can be attributed to two trends: Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious – they consume less but prioritize high quality products. Furthermore, ethical consumption is on the rise, with fairly traded and sustainably produced brands benefitting from an expanding customer base.

Manufacturers need to be able to tell their product’s story at first glance on the supermarket shelves. Packaging design is key – the look and feel of a packaging material, including its color, decorative sleeves, or three-dimensional prints and embossing, can make all the difference. The process of unwrapping chocolate is already part of the indulgent experience. Consumers have to be able to feel this when they open a bar of chocolate: its packaging should be easy to open and close, airtight and closely sealed, with a sturdy cardboard base and high-quality folded wrapping.

Bosch’s Sigpack DSN die-fold packaging machine enables manufacturers to combine flexibility and speed. Offering maximal format flexibility, the machine can wrap up to 180 bars of chocolate per minute with or without a paper or cardboard sleeve.


Die-fold wrapping for premium chocolate from Bosch.

With the Sigpack DSN you can pack a variety of different formats on just one machine.


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