High-speed packaging solution for flour

Julia Child once said ‘you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients’. And to preserve the freshness of the ingredients, good packaging plays a very important role.

In this modern age, food packaging has become extremely necessary for the protection of the product from contamination by macro- and micro-organisms, prevention from loss or increase of moisture, protecting the product from oxygen and to facilitate handling.


A good packaging actually serves two purposes, which are essentially, a technical solution and the product presentation. While the technical aspects in packaging aim to extend the shelf life of food by better protecting from all the hazards during storage, an appealing product presentation helps in increasing sales by creating a brand image that the consumer instantly recognizes. Along with good packaging, the speed of packaging is also a very important parameter. High-speed machines increase the product output, thereby allowing a faster return on investment and the potential to cater a larger customer base.


Bosch Packaging Technology has successfully identified the solution for the companies packaging flours. The Bosch vertical bagmaker SVI 4000 combined with the FVS 3001 auger filler are the perfect combination for flour packaging. Both machines are entry-level machines, especially designed for powder based applications. The economical SVI 4000 offers ultimate flexibility in operation, with easy upgrade options to produce a wide variety of bag styles like pillow, side gusseted and stand up.



So, improve your packaging efficiency and quality using the high performing machinery from Bosch Packaging Technology.

Happy Packaging!


Naik Gauri
Marketing manager

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  1. This packaging solution is very helpful not only for flour business but other perishable products as well. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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